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Business Backup

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Use and Manage Enterprise Control
With the Backblaze Computer Backup Backblaze web UI, you can enable and ...
Lin Lin
Setting Up Extended Version History With Business Groups
  If you are running Backblaze Version 7.0 or later, you can increase Gr...
Emily Emily
Enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) In Backblaze Groups
Administrators often require complex, unique passwords, while users ofte...
Troy Troy
How do I add an Administrator to a Group?
When creating a group, you have the option to add administrators to the ...
Troy Troy
Do I Need Groups? (or Business?)
Our new Groups feature allows you to manage, pay for, and administrate s...
Troy Troy
B2 Pricing for Server Backup
Pricing for backing up your server depends on two things: 1) The cost of...
Troy Troy