Do I Need Groups? (or Business?) Do I Need Groups? (or Business?)

Do I Need Groups? (or Business?)

Troy Troy

Our new Groups feature allows you to manage, pay for, and administrate several users. Groups allow several people to have individual accounts all fall under one credit card and renew on the same date. If the Group is Managed then the admin(s) will also have access to go into the user's accounts, create Restores, and perform any action a user normally could on their account. Groups is a great feature for all sizes of business or families who want to be able to manage payment for multiple members.


If you're a small business and want all your computers managed under one account, or don't have a need for multiple users, then a Group is not necessary. There are no restrictions on how many computers or B2 buckets you can have under a single account, so the only reason to start a Group would be if you need to manage multiple users. 


You don't need a group to backup a computer used for business reasons as our standard Personal Backup service will install fine on any Mac or PC. If you need to backup a Server or NAS, you'll want to check out our B2 Integrations page for options to do so like MSP360 or Synology.