Limitations to the B2 Web UI Limitations to the B2 Web UI

Limitations to the B2 Web UI

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The B2 web interface can only upload at largest a 500 MB file. In addition, files must be uploaded individually. You cannot upload a folder full of files. 

 *Note - Because of these limitations, the web interface may not be practical for large data sets


If you want an easy to use, drag and drop interface to upload and download files from B2 - without these limitations - try Cyberduck. You can learn more about it on the Cyberduck B2 help page or on our knowledge base article on Cyberduck.


B2 Command Line Tool

Another option is the B2 Command Line Tool, which must be run from Windows command shell, Mac Terminal or Linux shell.

The command line tool has more functionality, you can learn more about it here:

With the various tools that are available, you will be able to:

-Upload entire folders

-Upload files that are up to 10TB

-Script your own automated backups


Other Integrations

You can find other products that integrate into Backblaze B2 on our integrations page.