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B2 Troubleshooting

B2 troubleshooting documents.

Not Receiving SMS on Indian Phone Number
Our SMS providers are often marked as "Promotional" messages so if you a...
Troy Troy
How to Gather Logs for Hyper Backup or CloudSync on Synology NAS
In order to find logs for CloudSync for DSM 5.0, SRM 1.0 and above, plea...
Anthony Anthony
Why am I receiving a 'Not Allowed' alert for Odrive?
This article refers to the error as shown in this screenshot: Currently...
Anthony Anthony
Why am I Reaching Class C Transaction Caps with Synology?
If you'd like to read more information regarding what Caps are for B2, h...
Anthony Anthony
Support or Feedback for MSP360 (formerly CloudBerry)
For support for the MSP360 software, submit a ticket here: https://suppo...
Christopher Christopher
Support or Feedback for Synology Cloud Sync
  For feature requests or feedback for Synology's integration with Backb...
Christopher Christopher
Limitations to the B2 Web UI
The B2 web interface can only upload at largest a 500 MB file. In additi...
nathan nathan