Creating a Cloud Replication Rule Creating a Cloud Replication Rule

Creating a Cloud Replication Rule

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Cloud Replication is a feature that allows you to copy from a given source bucket to a destination bucket. After saving a Cloud Replication Rule, the automated system will detect all existing files and newly updated ones to be copied to the destination. Creating a rule supports any bucket you have in the logged-in user’s bucket list. For a destination, you can select another bucket locally, authenticate to an account that you have write access to, or create a new account. Also, you can create buckets within the destination account or your given account. The following instructions walk you through the steps to create the Cloud Replication Rule. 


How to Create a Cloud Replication Rule


1. Login to your account. From there navigate to the page labeled “Cloud Replication", which you will find linked under the header “B2 Cloud Storage” on the lefthand side of the page



2. Once on the Cloud Replication page, click the button labeled “Replicate Your Data”





3. You will then see the Cloud Replication Rule Settings popup. Choose a name for the rule, and the source bucket you wish to replicate from.


4. Choose the Destination Region, either US West, US East, or EU Central, the destination account, and the destination bucket. If you do not already have an account set up to be replicated to, you can choose to either authenticate an existing secondary account or create a new destination account.


*Please note that authenticating or creating a new account is not necessary if you are replicating to a bucket within the same account.


If you choose to authenticate an existing account: 


The account will need to be one that already has B2 enabled, and has a credit card associated with it. After clicking “authenticate an existing account” you will be prompted to enter the email address associated with that account.




You will then be prompted to enter the password associated with the account




If you choose to create a new destination account


Click on “Create a new destination account”. You will be shown a popup that will prompt you to enter an email address that is not already associated with a, create a password for that account, and choose a name for the bucket that will be created in this account. 




You will be prompted to enter information for a valid credit card. Once you have done so click “Create”





5. You will then see the Cloud Replication Rule Confirmation pane, if everything looks correct in regards to the source and destination, click the button labeled “Create Replication”



6. Once the Cloud Replication rule has been created you will see it listed on the Cloud Replication page as shown below.




Please note that only two rules for replication per bucket are possible. To learn more about the restrictions and limitations within Cloud Replication please see here.


For more information about Cloud Replication see here.
For further assistance with Cloud Replication please email support at