What are the restrictions and Limitations of Cloud Replication. What are the restrictions and Limitations of Cloud Replication.

What are the restrictions and Limitations of Cloud Replication.

Lin Lin

Cloud Replication is a feature that makes the automatic copying of files simpler. There are a number of cases where the system may not meet the expectations of clients. The list below is a list of all the cases that we’re aware of:


Setting manual Data Caps is not recommended:


Doing so can have unexpected results. If a data cap is set below the 10GB limit, authenticating to this account will not return any buckets. In this instance, the replication rule would need to be deleted and the data cap on storage removed. The exact same replication rule would then need to be recreated.


Replication Chaining is not possible:

All destination files are seen as replicants and cannot be used for new replications.

Multiple Replication Rules Limitations:


Only two rules can be set per bucket for Replication.

Size limitations:


Files with metadata greater than 2048 bytes will not be replicated


Hide Markers and Deleted Files:


Hide Markers and deleted files are not replicated.

SSE-C Not Supported:

We support encryption (which will need to be set up on a bucket when created). SSE-C, or encryption managed by the client, is not supported.


Metadata Changes:

If you need to change a file’s metadata but do not change the body, we will ignore the metadata change on the replicated file. 


VEEAM Users:

As of the time of this publication, leveraging Cloud Replication does not function with VEEAM. We are hard at work with this partner and will announce new features as they are finalized. 


Existing Vs New Data Replication:

In the API, we enable the replication of all existing files in a bucket. If this is not enabled, the bucket will be set up with New Data replication, where only new files uploaded after the rule is setup will be replicated. 


For rules configured in the Web application, all rules are set to existing data, meaning the parameter is set to true as part of the automatic settings configured.


For more information about Cloud Replication see here.
For further assistance with Cloud Replication please email support at B2Feedback@backblaze.com