Why am I receiving a 'Not Allowed' alert for Odrive?

This article refers to the error as shown in this screenshot:

Currently, B2 will support uploads for Odrive, however, we have a mandatory SHA-1 hash requirement at the beginning of files. This means that the hash needs to be calculated and stored beforehand. Ideally the hash could be sent at the end of the request, so that it can be calculated on-the-fly, during transmission.

Since Odrive's general sync transfer mechanism inserts these processing steps in-line as they transmit (stream), they need us (B2) to accept the hash after upload, rather than before, for full support. 

We are still working to change this protocol so that the SHA-1 hash doesn't have to be at the beginning of the transmitted file. Once we are able to make this change on our end, it will resolve this issue for use with Odrive.

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