The pricing page for Backblaze B2 is available here.

B2 is ready-access cloud storage that is incredibly affordable, cost predictable, and has no hidden fees. Our single-tier pricing means you don't trade off storage affordability versus download costs. In addition, B2 has one to one pricing table for all regions. B2 is a pay-for-usage service, meaning you will be charged for the amount of data used and stored, in accordance with the pricing below! 


Data stored with Backblaze is calculated hourly, with no minimum retention requirement, and billed monthly.
The first 10 GB of storage is free.


Charged when you download files. Charged for any portion of a GB. The first 1 GB of data downloaded each day is free. Downloads through our CDN and Compute partners are also free.


Class "A" transactions – Free
Class "B" transactions - $0.004 per 10,000 with 2,500 free per day.
Class "C" transactions - $0.004 per 1,000 with 2,500 free per day.
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Mail us your data on a B2 Fireball - $550
Backblaze will FedEx you a Snapshot of your data, return the drive for a refund
Receive data on a USB Hard Drive – up to 8TB of data - $189


All B2 active account owners can contact Backblaze support at where they will also find a free-to- use knowledge base of B2 advice, guides, and more. In addition, a B2 user can pay to upgrade their support plan to include phone service, 24x7 support and more.



Unlike other services, you won't be nickeled and dimed with upload fees, file deletion charges, minimum files size requirements, and more. Everything you can possibly pay Backblaze is listed above.