B2 - Non-payment procedures B2 - Non-payment procedures

B2 - Non-payment procedures

Casey Casey
If a billed account is past due, it will enter the process to notify the user of what is happening. A schedule of alerts have been created and will be sent to the account that is not in compliance.
Schedule of the alerts
Phase 1 - Grace Period - The account enters the grace period upon a charge failure. Everything in the account works, but there is an alert letting the user know that the account needs to be paid when bucket links are clicked.
Duration 1 month ( 30 days )
An email alert will be sent within first 48 hours, then every 5 days after the day that the first message was sent. 
The messages that are delivered past the first message will have a schedule of when the service will be stopped with dates that this will happen.
Phase 2 - No service - The website has a dialog and a link that takes the user to billing and payment area to update the card. The service is stopped at this point, no new uploads are possible.
If a user is using API calls, this status code will be returned:
403 "account_trouble".  
There is further explanation of our 403 code here: https://www.backblaze.net/b2/docs/calling.html#error_handling
Duration 2 weeks.
Phase 3 - Deletion of account data - A message is sent to the user of the account that is in non-compliance. The message basically states that due to non-payment of the account the data in the users B2 account may deleted data at any moment at this
Disclaimer: The time periods reference is the above information are current values and may change in the future.