B2 Security and Redundancy

B2 Redundancy

When you upload data to B2, your data is stored on a Backblaze Vault. Each file you upload is stored redundantly across multiple drives, in multiple servers, in multiple locations in our datacenter. For more details, see our blog post on Backblaze Vaults. 

As a result, Backblaze B2 is designed for 99.999999% durability.

The Backblaze Datacenter

As of early 2016, our datacenter is located in Sacramento California, outside of earthquake and flood zones.  You can learn more about the specifics of our datacenter here.

Backblaze is committed to adding more data centers and regions over time.

Backblaze File Security

Unlike our Personal Backup product, B2 does not encrypt your files while at rest in our datacenter. Unlike the personal backup product, some use cases (e.g., serving public files over the internet) wouldn't work if all files were encrypted. Developers are encouraged to encrypt their files before transmitting them to B2, if necessary. We have an example walkthrough on github

Files are encrypted using SSL during transmission.

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