B2 Security and Redundancy B2 Security and Redundancy

B2 Security and Redundancy

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B2 Redundancy

When you upload data to B2, your data is stored on a Backblaze Vault. Each file you upload is stored redundantly across multiple drives, in multiple servers, in multiple locations in our datacenter. For more details, see our blog post on Backblaze Vaults. 

Backblaze Datacenters

Backblaze has multiple data centers. 3 are located in the United States (2 on the West Coast and One on the East Coast). In 2019, we opened our first EU data center. 

Backblaze is committed to adding more data centers and regions over time.

B2 Encryption

All files are transmitted using an encrypted TLS connection. Developers are encouraged to add their own encryption to their files before transmitting them to B2. We have an example walkthrough on github

Server-Side Encryption can be enabled on B2 buckets. You can find out more about our Server-Side Encryption and how it works in our Server Side Encryption FAQ and Enabling Server Side Encryption guide.