Does B2 require a SHA-1 hash to be provided with an upload? Does B2 require a SHA-1 hash to be provided with an upload?

Does B2 require a SHA-1 hash to be provided with an upload?

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When you upload a file to B2, you should provide a SHA-1 hash of the contents of the file in the HTTP request header. The SHA-1 is required to ensure that the file content uploaded from the client matches the file content persisted on the B2 cloud storage.

In addition, the SHA-1 is then saved for the future. If the file is requested for download, the original SHA-1 is matched with the file that's been reassembled from the Backblaze Vault. If they don't match, the file is recreated.

Can the SHA-1 be optional?

Yes. See SHA-1 Checksums section in the Upload doc.

That said, Backblaze STRONGLY recommends providing the SHA-1 to absolutely guarantee that the file you are uploading matches what gets saved in B2. In some use cases (video, audio, photographs,) if a bit is flipped, it isn't fatal. However, imagine you are streaming an encrypted file from one provider to another. If one bits flips on this file - it’s data is meaningless. 

But in practice, do bits flip random in TCP/IP transmissions? Yes. We have over 200PB of data under management at Backblaze - we’ve seen it a lot during transmission. The reasons are summarized very nicely in this stack overflow article. (TL;DR - TCP/IP packets regularly fail checksum tests and the 16-bit CRC checksum is not sufficient to find every corruption.)

If you don't provide the SHA-1, you should still compute it before or during the upload and then check the upload response to ensure it matches. If it doesn't match. Delete what was uploaded and retry. The SHA-1 provided in the response is what B2 will use for the future to protect against bit flips.

Do you allow the SHA-1 to be added at the end of the request rather than the beginning?

Yes. Once again, see the SHA-1 Checksums section of the Upload doc.