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Cloud Replication Beta

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Welcome to the Beta!

The beta is a preview of our Cloud Replication feature supporting the creation of Replication Rule that copies all files from a source bucket to a destination. 


Thank you for being a part of our beta. Your active use of Cloud Replication gives us the feedback needed to finalize this feature.


How do I access the Beta:

On the day of the beta access, you enter into your account logging in here.

Looking in the left hand navigation you should see the Cloud Replication page:



Who has access to the Beta?

Every customer who has enrolled in the beta will receive an invitation. Those who have access will receive an email invitation notifying them of the date that their account will be enabled.

What if I need support?

Additional information for Cloud Replication may be found at our Cloud Replication support guide


If you find any issues you’d like to report, email the following address. Every email here will generate a ticket and Support will follow up to resolve your issue.

Keep in Mind:


  • The Beta is Currently for your entire bucket: After you create a replication rule on a bucket, all files will be added.
  • $10 Account Credit for Active Beta Participants: If you configure an active replication rule and replicate at least one file, your account will be credited $10 per month that the beta is active. 
  • Billing During GA: Once the beta is complete, your account will revert to regular billing, including replication charges included in your download fees. Please provide 5-7 weeks to see the billing credit for the beta.
  • After GA Launch: We’ll publicly announce when the beta is complete and the feature enters GA at which point your account will magically stay exactly the same. This means, that if you want to stop a replication, go in and delete the rule and manually delete any files created. We will not pause, delete, or change any replication rules or files.
  • Cross-region Replication Requires an Additional Account: Since regions are tied to accounts, replication to another region will require a second account configured for that region. Creating a destination account is as easy as signing up for an additional B2 Cloud Storage account. This new account does not need to be certified for the beta to work as a destination, but please ensure that you add a credit card to the account to avoid being restricted by any data caps.