Creating and Managing Application Keys

Application Keys page

If you've enabled B2 Cloud Storage on your account, you can manage and generate new Master Key and Application Keys on the App Keys page. To access this page, click on "App Keys" in the left-hand menu.


Add a New Application Key

Click on the button "Add a New Application Key" to create a new Application Key.


Specify Key Settings and Permissions


When creating a new Application Key, you can specify the following.


Setting API value Function
Name of Key:
Alias for key (only for user identification in interface)
Allow access to Bucket(s): 
Allow access to ALL Buckets or specify 1 Bucket
Type of Access:
Read and Write options
Allow List All Bucket Names:
(Only selectable when access is limited to a single Bucket) Allow/disallow listing all bucket names including bucket creation dates (required for S3 List Buckets API)
File name prefix:
Limit access to file names that start with specified prefix
Duration (seconds):
Limit time before authorization expires



App Key Created

When the Application Key is created, a blue panel will appear with the newly generated Application Key information. This panel will not appear again when it is closed. It's important to copy the information somewhere safe for later retrieval.


App Key pair required for Login

The 2 values you will need to note from this panel are:

  1. keyID
  2. applicationKey

These are the values you will need for authorizing via API. Please note that the "keyName" value is only for easy identification and not used for login.

The "applicationKey" value only appears once

When you navigate away from the page or create a new App Key, the blue panel will be closed and the "applicationKey" value will not be retrievable. 

Your App Keys page will continue to display all of your existing Keys but omit the "applicationKey" value.

If you've lost access to this value, simply generate a new App Key.

Be careful when copying values from this interface

If you are highlighting an entire value with your mouse cursor and copying the selection, please note that it may copy extra formatting in the form of hidden characters. It's a good idea to check for these hidden characters if you're pasting the value into a program for authorization.

Delete an Application Key

To delete an Application Key, click the "Delete Key" button. The Key will no longer be valid for authorization and cannot be restored.


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