Why are my drives not updating?

There are two basic mechanisms that Backblaze uses to update the dates for drives selected for backup:

The first one is very straightforward - when the drive successfully uploads a file, the date will be adjusted.

The second one is when a drive has no more files to be uploaded. In this case, Backblaze goes through a few stages:

Backblaze checks if all drives that are selected for backup are currently connected and available.Backblaze creates a tiny temporary file on the drive, backs it up, verifies it backed up, then removes it from the drive. This ensures that the drive is in a functional enough state to write and read data.

Backblaze adjusts the date of the last file uploaded on the drive. This means that drives will update when files on them are uploaded or, in the event that the files on the drive have all successfully uploaded, when the backup is complete. If you’re having an issue with keeping some drives up to date, make sure that all of your drives that are selected for backup in the Settings of the Backblaze software are connected . If you have selected drives that you’re no longer connecting for backup, unselecting them could be the root of the issue.

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