How to configure HYCU with B2 How to configure HYCU with B2

How to configure HYCU with B2

Troy Troy

HYCU offers users multi-cloud data protection by allowing backup of on-prem and public storage to S3 compatible storage like Backblaze B2.  

HYCU can be configured with B2 by following the steps below.


Step 1:


On the Targets page of your HYCU app, click the Add button.


Click the Add button to add Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage


Step 2:

Select “AWS S3/Compatible” as the Type and enter the Bucket name, Key ID, Application Key, and S3 Endpoint into the appropriate fields.

Enter the information from your Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage account in the appropriate fields




The S3 Compatible API for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage allows 1000’s of integrations to work with B2 natively. If you’re new to the S3 Compatible API, please see our Getting Started Guide. If you have any trouble using HYCU with B2, please let us know by emailing us at