What is a Usage Report and Why are They Important?

NOTE: This FAQ applies to Backblaze for Business accounts created before January 18, 2017

A Usage Report is sent to your account administrator on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This report contains vital information about the status of all backups under your Business Account. You can request this report any time by emailing businesshelp@backblaze.com.

Account Name: The email address associated with the backup and used during the installation process.

Host Name: The name of the computer running the Backblaze client.

HGUID: A unique identifier which ties a specific computer to a backup. HGUID’s are used to uniquely identify a backup.

License State: The state of the license attached to the backup. It should read “licensed_current”. If it does not, contact support.

License Created: The date on which the Backblaze client began backing up files on that computer.

Speed Throttle: The amount of bandwidth that the program is allowed to use to upload files. A setting of 100 is maximum.

Platform: Indicates if the client is running on a Mac or Windows.

OS Detail: The operating system the Backblaze client is running on.

Last Backup: The last date and time the backup was considered complete – all files selected for backup were uploaded.

Last File Uploaded: The date and time of the last file that was uploaded.

Version: The version of the Backblaze client that is running.

Backup Stage: The stage in which the backup is in. “Initial_backup” indicates the computer has yet to complete a full backup. “Steady_state” indicates the computer has completed a full backup.

Backup Schedule: The schedule in which you have chosen to have files uploaded.

Selected Files: The number of files that has been selected for backup on the computer.

Selected MB: The size of your entire backup in MB, or Megabytes.

Remaining Files: The number of files left on the computer to be uploaded.

Remaining MB: The amount of data in MB, or Megabytes that is left to be uploaded.

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