Why Am I Getting “Out of Compliance” Emails?

NOTE: This FAQ applies to Backblaze for Business accounts created before January 18, 2017

When an account is out of compliance, it means you are using more licenses than you have purchased.

Review your latest Usage Report to confirm that you have added additional backups to your account. (Please email businesshelp@backblaze.com to receive your most recent usage report if you need it.)  After confirming, send an email to businesshelp@backblaze.com and we will send you a prorated invoice to get your account back in compliance.

When a user re-installs Backblaze on their machine, it will create an additional license. This could be why your account is reporting more licenses than you expected. Unwanted backups should be removed from your account to prevent being out of compliance.  Machine Removal Requests can be sent to businesshelp@backblaze.com, provided that you include the backup’s unique identifier called an HGUID. HGUIDs can be found in column C of your Usage Report.

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