My computer crashed, how do I get backblaze reinstalled on my computer?

This article applies to anyone who has had their system crash, replaced their boot drive, or reinstalled their operating system:

Before doing anything else, it is VERY important that you restore all of the data you need onto your new system:

Since restores are done server-side ('restores' are what we call the process of downloading your backed up files), you can visit from any computer with access to the internet and sign in. Then go to the Restore section, click the arrow next to the drives to expand the directory, select the file or files you would like to restore, and once the restore is ready, you can download the .zip with your files to any machine.  

You can also order a drive with your files, you will get to keep the drive and we usually recommend this option for customers with large restores.


 Once you are sure that you have all the files you need on the 'new' system, you can do a Transfer Backup State:


  1. Go to and install a fresh trial of Backblaze (be sure to log-in with the same account)Screen_Shot_2015-01-12_at_1.51.06_PM.png
  2.  Once Backblaze is installed, click on the Backblaze icon in the menu bar (Mac) or the system tray (Win)mac_menu.jpgwin_menu.jpg
  3. Follow the prompted steps for the Transfer Backup State, and you will be connected to your old backup!
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