I created my restore, now what?

Once you have created a restore, our restore servers will begin preparing the files you requested.  When the restore is ready to be downloaded, you will receive an email notification.  Then you can go to https://secure.backblaze.com/user_signin.htm to login in to your account, and select 'My Restores'.


This will show you all of your restores available for download.  

We would recommend selecting 'Use Downloader' for all restore over 1 GB which will download the Backblaze Downloader.  

Once the zip restore has been downloaded to your computer, you will need to unzip the folder to access the restored files. If you are on a Windows computer, you can use the unzipper built into the Backblaze Downloader. If you are on a Mac, you can use the unzipper built into the OS.


*Note - For best results on large restores, we recommend breaking up your restore into multiple chunks as shown here.

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