How Can I Back Up MAMP? (Mac)

How can I back up MAMP data?


There's no way to include anything within /Applications, and Backblaze won't follow symlinks or aliases. Since MAMP's default installation is in /Applications yet it can contain unique userdata, it poses a difficult situation for users of MAMP to back up to Backblaze.


There are a few workarounds to allow Backblaze to back up MAMP's data:


• The preferred and best method is to change the path of MAMP's Document Root: to a location that Backblaze can back up.

• Scheduled copies of your htdocs folder to a location that Backblaze can back up - such as ~/Documents. Something like rsync, cron or launchd can achieve that, but Backblaze does not provide support to set that up.

• Create a hardlink rather than a symlink to the various MAMP items.

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