Getting Backblaze to Backup (not be offline) - PC

At a very profound level, Backblaze is very VERY simple, it just does HTTPS posts to our datacenter. If Backblaze doesn't backup when you click "Backup Now" and is reporting that is offline, then you can try the following things:

a) Anti-virus and Firewalls often stop Backblaze from communicating or working correctly. Below is a list of Firewalls and anti-virus programs and how to disable them. Remember, you may be running two or three or even more of these:

b) Backblaze does not support "network proxies". But don't worry, you do not have a proxy as a home user unless you are inside a large business network.

c) The Backblaze installer is designed to get you online, or fix your network connection if you are not online.
So run the installer right over the top of whatever you currently have (even if you are already running the latest version!), and after running the installer make absolutely sure these files exist on your computer:

On Windows 32 bit:
C:\Program Files\Backblaze\bztransmit.exe
C:\Program Files\Backblaze\bzfilelist.exe
C:\Program Files\Backblaze\bzbui.exe

On Windows 64 bit (some Vista and some Windows Seven):
C:\Program Files(x86)\Backblaze\bztransmit.exe

C:\Program Files(x86)\Backblaze\bztransmit64.exe

C:\Program Files(x86)\Backblaze\bzfilelist.exe
C:\Program Files(x86)\Backblaze\bzbui.exe

If these files do not exist, STOP, this is a problem eith the installation - during installation, something is 'stealing' the binaries from Backblaze (typically antivirus or other security software).

d) Try having a friend who has a laptop come to your home with their laptop and plug into your network and install Backblaze. Either it will work, or it won't. Both outcomes are VERY interesting. If it works, then your computer has the settings problem. If it does not work, your network has the settings problem. Contact us with the results from this experiment and we can help you with the rest.

e) Have a super technical friend or "Geek Squad" help get Backblaze installed and your network working.

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