How can I find Backblaze on Windows 8?

With the user interface changes to Windows 8 as compared to prior versions of Windows, it may be difficult to locate the Backblaze control panel installed on your computer.


1. On the Windows 8 Start Screen, click the down arrow in the lower left portion of the screen.



2. On the Apps screen, drag the slider to the right and click on Backblaze



3. Backblaze's control panel will open, allowing you to monitor progress or change settings




To locate the Backblaze menu item:

1. Navigate to the Windows Desktop view by clicking "Desktop" on the Start Screen.

2. In the lower right corner's notification area / system tray area, if a Backblaze icon is visible, click it. If not, click the little disclosure triangle then the Backblaze icon.



3. The Backblaze menu will be revealed allowing you to choose the various options.




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