What size drive will I receive when I order a restore?

Can I select the drive size I get?

When you order a restore drive from Backblaze, the restore size will dictate the size of the drive that you will receive.

An automated process selects the drives that the data will be stored on. Since this is not a manual process, a drive size is not selectable from the user side.

Backblaze stocks a variety of drive sizes from 1 to 8 TB, so the minimum size of a hard drive restore will be 1 TB. USB flash drive restores are currently supplied with 256 GB capacities. All drives are USB 3, with standard USB Type A plugs. Occasionally, a restore drive will be substituted with a drive of greater capacity, due to inventory needs.

If you have more data to restore than will fit on an 8 TB drive, you can order multiple USB restores, each with a portion of the data.

USB flash drives and USB hard drives up to 4 TB are powered by USB, so they do not need a power adapter to function. 8 TB USB hard drives will come with a power adapter that has USA spec prongs on it, however the adapter supports up to 240V power systems, so it can be used in non-North American locations with the appropriate plug adapter. Alternately a non-North American user may wish to order two 4 TB restores rather than an 8 TB restore to avoid any compatibility issues.

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