How to remove encryption from a Flash Drive Restore using BitLocker

Please note: all restore drives are formatted to the operating system of the computer the restore was created from.


Note: This applies to flash drives only. For help removing encryption from Restore Hard Drives, please see our Guide: How to disable encryption on Backblaze USB restore hard drives.


1. Open the Start Menu on your computer and choose Settings




2. From Settings, choose "System"




3. Scroll down in the System sidebar and select "About" in the left sidebar, then down to "Related Settings" and choose "BitLocker Settings"




3. If your drive is not already unlocked, select "Unlock Drive"  and enter your Unlock code. Your Unlock Code can be found on the "My Restores" page of your account.





4. After the drive has been unlocked, select "Turn Off BitLocker"





5. This will show a decryption progress bar, please note that decrypting may take several hours to complete. Your computer should be left on and awake for the entire process if possible.





6. When the decryption has finished you will get a notice that it is complete. The drive will now no longer be encrypted and will not prompt you to unlock it going forward. You can then close out of this message.



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