How to Roll Back Time How to Roll Back Time

How to Roll Back Time

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While the computer is actively backing up, you will see a rolling 30 days of backups.

If you change the “From” drop down, it affects what files are shown according to creation/modified date.


You will need to only adjust the “To” and not the “From” to be able to properly roll back time to a previous backup.


Please note: if you have enabled extended version history you will be able to see a rolling backup of up to a year of files or everything that has been backed up, including those files that have been altered or deleted, depending on which extended version history option that was chosen.

Keep in mind that extended version history is not retroactive and will not bring back data that has already been cycled out after the normal 30 day period (as mentioned below).

What you will see if your backup goes past 30 days

When the computer is not able to actively backup we do keep the last backup for 6 months. “Not able to actively backup” means the computer crashed, purposefully stopped by setting the schedule to “Only when click,” or the computer is not able to communicate with our servers.

As the computer is not able to update, the last backup fills the 30 days. Once past the 30 days, if you try to roll back time, you will just see the same backup on each time available.

For example:     

Day 2 of not backing up, shows 2 days of the same backup, and 28 days of previous backups.

Day 29 of not backing up, shows 29 days of the same backup and 1 day of a previous backup. The 1 day is the backup done before the computer stopped uploading files.

You will still be shown the previous 30 days as being selectable in the “To” drop down, but the backups will not be different.

Connection issues

If the computer is not able to actively backup, and it is not due to changing the schedule settings, most likely it is any or all anti-virus/firewall/network monitoring/computer monitoring programs (security programs) that are interfering. If you are on a PC , you will need to temporarily disable all security programs and install over your current installation without first uninstalling. Once backing up starts again, you can enable security programs once more.

If you are on a Mac, make sure any security programs installed are not blocking Backblaze, or that a connection via proxy is not interfering. Still try to install over your current installation without first uninstalling to start, if that does not work, please contact support for further troubleshooting.