How to set up Arq Backup with B2 Cloud Storage

1. After installing Arq Backup, select Backblaze B2 as your destination for backups. 



2. Next, enter your B2 Account ID and Application key into the appropriate fields and click to Continue. If you need help finding your B2 Account ID and Application key, please refer to this help article



3. Select the B2 bucket you'd like Arq Backup to upload/store data in. You can create a bucket specifically for Arq in this area, or select a bucket you've already created. 


-Each B2 account is limited to 100 total buckets

-Your bucket name must be globally unique



4. After you select the bucket, click to 'Set Up Backups' and enter an Encryption password to protect the data. Make sure to remember or write down your Encryption password for Arq. There is not a way to retrieve this password. If you forget it, you won't be able to restore the data you back up. 




If you change your Application Key for your B2 account, it will invalidate your old Application key. If you invalidate your old key set up with Arq, you cannot edit the back up. You will instead need to remove this back up and start a new one with the new Application key that you've created.

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    Good god make multiple app keys. 

    One key to invalidate them all is such a bad decision. Why would you do that?

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    Its very annoying that you can not add multiple B2 application keys. I had to change it on Backblaze and that invalidates my Arq backup set.

    Edited by backblaze
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    Just great - FRICKIN IF I had known to record the fragile application key. PIA....


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    I noticed that the Lifecycle Settings (B2) are set to: "Keep only the last version of the file". Since Arq utilizes snapshots, should it be set to: "Keep all versions of the file"?

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