How to upload files to B2 with qBackup

First download and install qBackup.

Run qBackup and click the New button.


Enter the project name.


Once the project is named, click Include and add the files and folders needed for the backup.


Next, go to Storage and select B2 Cloud Storage as the storage option. 


Input the Account ID and Application Key. For more information on how to find these items, refer to this help article. Next, input the Bucket name that data will be uploaded to. qBackup creates a bucket if it doesn't exist already. We recommend to create a bucket specifically for qBackup. 

Click OK to save the project.


Select the project you created and click to backup. The processing status is displayed on the window during backup.


When the backup is completed, the processing status will display as Complete.


For the second and subsequent backups, only changes from the previous backup are backed up (incremental backup).


For more detailed information for set up, visit the qBackup website




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